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The LIA – Logosynthesis International Association was founded in March 2014. It serves the continuous development of Logosynthesis as well as the distribution, quality management and acceptance of the model. The LIA develops criteria for the structure and content of training programmes and certifies Practitioners, Instructors, Master Practitioners and Trainers in Logosynthesis.

Statutes, Strategy, Contact

  • Find LIA’s statutes here.
  • Find LIA’s strategic orientation on the homepage.
  • Find LIA’s presentation flyer here.
  • Find LIA’s contact details of Board and Office on the contact page.


The Board

The LIA Board is currently made up of the following people (from left to right):

  • Ernst Aebi, President and Finances
  • Dr. Willem Lammers, Responsible for Development
  • Rita Meier, LIA Office
  • Dr. med. Suzanne von Blumenthal, Chair of the Training Committee
  • Christin Aannerud, Certification Committee
  • Monika Koller Schinca, Events
  • Luzia Graf Lammers, Vice President
  • Johannes Lauterbach, Communication

Collaboration trainers, founder and LIA

There is clear separation between the training and certification of Logosynthesis® specialists:

  • The curricula for Practitioner and Master Practitioner are offered by the Institute for Logosynthesis in Bad Ragaz and other recognized trainers in Switzerland and all over the world, partly also online, see calendar.
  • The founder, Dr. Willem Lammers, continues to develop the system of Logosynthesis and updates the seminars of the two curricula.
  • The LIA takes responsibility for course standardisation and the certification of specialists.


All three stakeholders work closely together. As an overview of their respective activities: