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LIA Donations Fund

LIA – Logosynthesis International Association has created a fund to support the spreading of Logosynthesis® in developing  countries: the LIA Donations Fund. It is fed from donations from those who wish to support our work and is reserved for traveling expenses for Logosynthesis Trainers to developing countries.

Interested in supporting this project or in organising such a training? Click here for more detailed information.

How to donate:

  • Make your payment via bank transfer to:
    • In Euro: IBAN CH93 0900 0000 9144 3076 1 note: “Donations Fund“.
    • In CHF: IBAN CH45 0900 0000 6157 7754 9 note: “Donations Fund
      Banken Clearing (BC): 9000
    • Bank name and address
      Mingerstrasse 20
      CH-3030 Bern, Switzerland
    • Association name and headquarters
      LIA – Logosynthesis International Association
      CH-8032 Zürich, Switzerland
  • If you prefer PayPal:
    Please contact our office, and we will mail you a PayPal invoice.