Logosynthesis for personal use: Open to all

Many individuals learn to use Logosynthesis for personal use. The Logosynthesis Basic Procedure can be learned for self-coaching to resolve everyday issues related to work, relationships, health and wealth. Instructors and Trainers in Logosynthesis offer courses on a variety of themes, which are open to anyone interested in being more empowered in their own healing and personal growth.

Introductory Seminar: "Self-Coaching with Logosynthesis":

Here you will learn how to use Logosynthesis for your own personal issues, through theory, live demonstrations and practical exercises.
You can find more information about self-coaching here.

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Theme Seminars:

Theme seminars or workshops of about 6 hours or more offer the opportunity to work on a clearly defined topic from the perspective of Logosynthesis, such as dealing with money, time management, or stress relief.

Here you will find a small selection of proven themed seminars:

How do you handle money? How do you think about money? Are you worried? Who did you learn this from?

Money determines our everyday lives, but it is often taboo. This seminar is about income, assets, prosperity and wealth. They examine how parents, society and the media shape the way we deal with money and how we can change this with the help of logosynthesis.

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How often do you put off annoying things? How often do you have a good idea and don’t implement it?

Unconscious blockages arise again and again in everyday life, caused by conflicts, new projects, job changes, etc. These blockages are based on fears, stressful experiences and disturbing beliefs that have been with us for a long time.

In the one-day seminar “Logo – I’ll do it!” Let’s get to the bottom of these obstacles and develop a starting point that makes change possible. We use logosynthesis as an instrument to clarify and resolve blockages. You will experience how you can initiate change yourself. First in your thinking – then in your actions.

This seminar provides you with basic knowledge and practical experience in a group and offers you the opportunity to specifically work on your own topic and create a new starting point: “Logo, I’ll do it!”.

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Are you also one of the busy so-called “multitaskers” of our time? For many people, this starts early in the morning: listening to the latest news on the radio, checking emails and current stock market prices on the smartphone, preparing breakfast, urging the children to hurry up…?

In this seminar we give ourselves the time to reflect on the sense of time, the current zeitgeist and the natural rhythms. We examine our own ideas, expectations and beliefs about how time should be used sensibly and how we want to use it. With the help of Logosynthesis© we dissolve our own blockages around the topic of time.

Current seminar offers can be found here.

Being a parent is the biggest and most beautiful adventure that mothers and fathers can embark on, because there is nothing more exciting than watching children grow up. Every phase of children’s development is associated with challenges. Mothers and fathers ask themselves: “How can we offer the child reliable support? There is more than enough information about parenting. What is important?

In this seminar we give mothers and fathers time to reflect, resolve blockages and become freer in being parents. You will learn how to use Logosynthesis© to react more independently and thus be relaxed. You live more “in flow” with your family.

Current seminar offers can be found here.

If you can’t sleep at night because your thoughts are running in circles or there’s a difficult conversation coming up that makes you feel uneasy or a colleague is annoying you and you can’t avoid it, then this is completely normal. Such or similar thoughts and feelings arise again and again.

In this workshop you will learn how to deal with these everyday situations more calmly and how to consciously stand up for yourself and your needs.

You will learn as much theory as necessary in order to be able to practically apply the Logosynthesis© method to your topics yourself.

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If you’re tired of everyone telling you to “Just stop stressing out!” but no one tells you exactly how to do it, you’ll learn a revolutionary technique that can help you get rid of anxiety and negative stress in minutes . You experience freedom by overcoming previously stressful situations so effortlessly that you even forget to think about things that previously bothered you.

In this thematic seminar you will learn how to use Logosynthesis© to practically overcome these blockages and get back the life energy that you have been entitled to since birth.

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Other events, conferences and seminars

Details about other courses and training opportunities can be found under “Seminar: 1.2 Conferences and Seminars”.

Note for Instructors:
, If you would like to give one of the above seminars yourself or add your own topic, please contact the LIA office.