Become a member of Logosynthesis
International Association

LIA is an international, non-profit Association that is responsible for the quality and further development of Logosynthesis. As a member of LIA,

You are welcome to become a member of LIA after attending a Basic Seminar.
LIA offers three levels of membership: Basic Members, Professional Members and Training Members

Basic Members​

Basic members are professionals from counseling, teaching, medical and therapeutic fields who have participated in the Basic Seminar. At this level of training, members are not qualified to promote Logosynthesis in their promotional materials, such as website and flyers. Their annual membership fee is CHF 70.- or € 50.-.

Professional Members

Professional members are certified Practitioners in Logosynthesis. At this membership level, Practitioners in Logosynthesis can promote their qualifications in Logosynthesis to the public, via website, print material and more. LIA also promotes all certified Practitioners in Logosynthesis on this website, found on the ‘Professionals’ tab.

Professional members can additionally acquire the Instructor License and continue their education to become a Master Practitioner.

Your annual membership fee is CHF 150.- or € 110.-.

Training Members

Training members are Master Practitioners who have followed the criteria to be certified as Trainers to teach the Basic Seminar and other seminars from the Practitioner curriculum.

How to register

  • You can easily pay by SEPA bank transfer:
    in CHF to:
    IBAN CH45 0900 0000 6157 7754 9
    in euros to:
    IBAN CH93 0900 0000 9144 3076 1
    Banks Clearing (BC): 9000
  • Name and address of the bank
    Post Finance
    Mingerstrasse 20
    CH-3030 Bern
  • Name and registered office of the company
    LIA – Logosynthesis International Association
    CH-8032 Zürich
    If you would like to pay via Paypal, please use the address contact@logosynthesis.internationalor contact our Office, then we will send you a Paypal invoice by email.