Do you experience stress, stress and recurring disturbing topics in your everyday life?

In this seminar you will learn about logosynthesis as a self-coaching method. In this seminar you will learn how to use logosynthesis to solve blockages and devote yourself to your tasks with energy and joy.

Examples of blocking situations:

  • You experience unpleasant or difficult situations at work or in your private life
  • You receive stressful feedback from superiors, employees or colleagues
  • Other people’s issues also resonate with you
  • Compulsions or “old patterns” bother you
  • other situations in which you feel overwhelmed.

By editing with logo synthesis…

  • become freer in your career and in your relationships
  • you react more relaxed and don’t feel attacked
  • Live and work more “in flow”
  • you have access to your resources
  • Live more of what defines you personally.