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Willem Lammers

Dr. Willem Lammers  discovered the principles of Logosynthesis in the early 2000s as part of his almost 40-year search for simple and effective personal development methods. He’d always striven to find an elegant and easily applied approach that could accelerate the otherwise-tedious therapeutic process and neutralise the triggers behind traumatisation and blockages – and so he set to work developing the Logosynthesis system.

Dr. Willem Lammers TSTA is a psychologist, psychotherapist and coach for individuals and organisations. He is also a supervisor, lecturer and trainer. He led the Institute for Applied Social Sciences (ias) for many years, a leading Swiss training institute for work-related counselling.

Willem has worked at the limits of the mind, body and soul since the start of his professional development and has trained in bioenergetics, transactional analysis, hypnotherapy, NLP and energy psychology.

Since 2005, Willem has taught Logosynthesis to specialists in coaching, psychotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling across Switzerland and many other countries including Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Canada and the USA. He also still works with individuals in his own practice – and continues to develop Logosynthesis as a comprehensive system for personal and spiritual development.

He has published several books on Logosynthesis that have been translated into several languages. The most recent German-language titles are:


Earlier books include: