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The Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis® (MPL) course is aimed at trained specialists who are already Practitioners, who have at least two years’ experience in applying Logosynthesis with clients or patients, and who want to deepen their understanding of Logosynthesis through an intensified development process. Around 50 Master Practitioners in Logosynthesis have been certified to date.


Content and objectives

Central to the Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis curriculum is the personal and spiritual development of trainees. This deeper work requires particular adherence to the idea that, The more we develop ourselves, the more we increase and improve the development opportunities available to the people we support. MPL candidates become familiar with this process as part of the training. The training’s goal is therefore for candidates to support and develop other people – and the training’s approach uses personal development as a prerequisite for achieving this goal. Candidates work with innovative Logosynthesis methods and Master Classes cover topics such as Presence, Creation and The Self.



The Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis qualification demonstrates that the holder has developed internally and externally and dealt with Logosynthesis in an advanced and intensive manner. It’s also the foundation that allows the holder to fully accompany others in the exploration and advancement of their lives’ tasks and the extension of their opportunities. The Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis is a prerequisite to becoming a Trainer in Logosynthesis and giving seminars to other specialists.


The path to Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis status

The Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis qualification requires you to participate in Master Classes once you’ve completed the Practitioner-level training. These Master Classes are a crucial component of the MPL curriculum. A number of additional elements supplement this learning process:

  • Introductory seminar, The Path of Presence
  • The unattended seminar from the Practitioner training (The Path of Courage/Will/Trust)
  • At least three Master Classes
  • Completion of an at-least two-year contract with a mentor who will accompany the candidate until certification. Accredited mentors can be found here
  • Participation in a practice group with 4-6 meetings per year
  • Written personal assessment
  • A collegial discussion between the MPL candidate and a group of experts.


The diagram illustrates the training process for MPL candidates. A detailed course specification can be found in the Certification regulations. Please contact us to register your interest or ask questions: contact@logosynthesis.international.