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The Practitioner in Logosynthesis® training is aimed at specialists in coaching, supervision, psychotherapy and other forms of counselling who have completed comprehensive training in their respective fields. The Practitioner curriculum assumes knowledge in coaching, supervision, psychotherapy or another counselling form. It does not cover basic principles, so please contact us if you are interested in the training but do not (yet) meet this requirement. Around 150 Practitioners in Logosynthesis have been certified to date.


Content and objectives

The Practitioner in Logosynthesis curriculum is focused around learning and applying Logosynthesis’ methods. The training also aims for learners to undergo comprehensive personal development, thereby allowing them to support subsequent clients in a profound and optimal way. Practitioners can only support clients’ development processes if they continually develop themselves.

Topics that are addressed with Logosynthesis may include:

  • Dissolving blockages in lifestyle and career
  • Conflict management
  • Blockages relating to performances in front of large groups
  • Difficulties making decisions
  • Tensions in relationships and within families
  • Dealing with physical symptoms
  • Dissolving emotional blockages
  • Dealing with learning difficulties and exam anxieties
  • Communication-related worries at work



Coaches, supervisors, counsellors and psychotherapists will learn a new method and way of thinking to complement their existing practice and extend the tools available to them.

For psychotherapists who treat pathological patterns of feeling, thought and behaviour – Logosynthesis offers an important extension to their existing tools, e.g. with phobias, eating disorders, depression and the processing of traumatic events.

A qualified Practitioner in Logosynthesis will be able to prove that they can apply Logosynthesis safely and professionally in their practice – and that they have undergone a personal development process that enables them to provide comprehensive support for the people with whom they work.

As a certified Practitioner in Logosynthesis, you will be permitted to list this title among your qualifications and apply Logosynthesis in an official capacity. As an LIA member, you’ll also be listed on the website where you’ll be easy to find for potential clients.

Completion of the Practitioner in Logosynthesis qualification is a prerequisite for becoming an Instructor in Logosynthesis, a Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis and/or a Trainer in Logosynthesis.


The path to Practitioner in Logosynthesis status

The Practitioner in Logosynthesis training is provided by recognised facilitators. The training includes 12 seminar days, supervision and a piece of final written work. It always begins with the Logosynthesis Basic introductory seminar, but participants decide the remaining seminars and topics (including their order) depending on their interests and specialisations.

The seminars operate through whole group and working group input and live demonstrations in which you’ll variously take on the roles of client, guide, coach and observer.

The training includes the following elements:

  • Participation in Logosynthesis Basic. This seminar offers an overview of the model and the method along with theory lectures, demonstrations and exercises.
  • Participation in Logosynthesis Live. This workshop offers the opportunity to investigate the Logosynthesis model and its effect through participants’ personal topics.
  • Participation in at least two of three multi-day topic seminars: ‘The Path of Courage’, ‘The Path of the Will’ and ‘The Path of Trust’.
  • Two days of group supervision or three hours of one-to-one supervision. Accredited supervisors can be found here.
  • A final written paper about your own learning experience with Logosynthesis – including a case study on your work with a client.
  • Participation in a practice group with 4 to 6 meetings per year.


A detailed course specification can be found in the Certification regulations. Please contact us to register your interest or ask questions about the Practitioner in Logosynthesis training: contact@logosynthesis.international