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Logosynthesis® as a path to problem resolution and personal development


1. Are you looking for a specialist who can support you in solving personal or professional problems?

Here you’ll find a list of trained specialists in coaching, psychological counselling and psychotherapy. These specialists speak your language and will be available nearby or through Skype.
A Logosynthesis Practitioner can help you whenever your life energy is blocked by old patterns, memories, desires, ideas or fears. They’ll help you to reclaim your energy and re-establish contact with your true Self.


2. Do you want to apply Logosynthesis without professional support?

Then visit a self-coaching course! You’ll find course content under the ‘Learning’ section, and the calendar of public seminars is available here. You can also read Dr. Willem Lammers’ book Self-Coaching with Logosynthesis, which covers Logosynthesis as a method for self-coaching.


3. Are you a specialist who’d like to see how you could apply Logosynthesis as a comprehensive model within your practice?

Participate in the introductory seminar, Logosynthesis Basic. You’ll also find a solid introduction in Dr. Willem Lammers’ book Logosynthesis – Healing with Words: A Handbook for the Helping Professions. If you would subsequently like to use Logosynthesis within your practice, you can attend training to become a Practitioner or Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis. Find out more here.