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… is an independent, international non-profit organisation based in Switzerland.

The LIA:

  • supports professionals and other interested parties with Logosynthesis®
  • establishes a worldwide Logosynthesis® network with numerous active hubs
  • offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience
  • contributes to the spreading of Logosynthesis®
  • promotes the quality and further development of Logosynthesis
  • certifies professionals across various levels

LIA members are trained specialists from counselling, educational and medical professions.

Looking for support?

These professionals are trained and certified in Logosynthesis® and can offer you professional support.

Discover Logosynthesis!

Public courses for all interested parties – where you can discover Logosynthesis® and apply it yourself.

Become a professional

Certified training for experts from counselling, educational and medical professions.