The developer of Logosynthesis

Willem Lammers

Dr. Willem Lammers, in the course of his search for a simple and effective method over forty years, discovered the principles of Logosynthesis® in the early 2000s and developed a model for healing and development from it. He has always strived to find ways to make therapeutic processes more efficient and effective and to dissolve burdensome memories, disturbing ideas, limiting beliefs and other blockages.

Dr. Willem Lammers, MSc, TSTA, is a psychologist, psychotherapist and coach for individuals and organizations; also a supervisor, lecturer and trainer. For many years he directed the Institute for Applied Social Sciences (ias), a leading training institute for work-based counseling in Switzerland.
Willem has worked on the boundaries of body, mind and spirit since the beginning of his professional development: He is trained in bioenergetics, transactional analysis, hypnotherapy, NLP and energy psychology.

Since 2005 Willem has been teaching Logosynthesis to professionals in the fields of coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and education, in Switzerland and worldwide. He is constantly developing Logosynthesis®. Currently, the focus of his work is on the further training of practitioners and trainers in Logosynthesis, as well as on the development of new methods and models.

Willem has published books on Logosynthesis in several languages. The current titles in German are:

  • The little book of Logosynthesis®: This little book describes the model, the human image, the methods and a wide range of possible applications.
  • Self-coaching with Logosynthesis: dissolving blockades, overcoming crises: a workbook for people who want to apply Logosynthesis to their own life issues
  • Logosynthesis - Healing with words. Practice book for counseling, coaching and psychotherapy : an introduction to Logosynthesis for professionals who want to integrate Logosynthesis in their work.
  • Small miracles. The practice of Logosynthesis®. Solutions made easy. A booklet full of examples of applications of Logosynthesis in practice.
  • Sparks in the dawn. Awakening with Logosynthesis®. This book is an invitation to a spiritual journey throughout your entire lifetime.

New titles are in preparation.

Previous book publications include: