Logosynthese Ausbildung: Master Practitioner

Die Logosynthese-Ausbildung zum Master Practitioner ® (MPL) richtet sich an ausgebildete Fachpersonen, die bereits Practitioner sind, mindestens 2 Jahre Erfahrung in der Anwendung von Logosynthese mit Klientinnen oder Patienten haben. Sie streben eine weitere Vertiefung in Logosynthese zur eigenen persönlichen Entwicklung an. Bisher sind rund 50 Master Practitioner in Logosynthese zertifiziert.

In the Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis curriculum, the focus is on the personal and spiritual development of the learners. Especially In this continuing development work we work along the idea: The more we develop ourselves, the more and deeper we give the people we work with the opportunity to develop. In MPL continuing education, learners are introduced to this process. Thus, the goal is to accompany development in other people; the approach is one's own personal development as a prerequisite for this. We work with innovative methods of Logosynthesis®.

Topics of the Master Classes are, for example, the path of presence, creation, the self and the path into the world.

The completed Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis testifies that the person has faced his or her development process inwardly and outwardly and has studied Logosynthesis® in depth and intensively. It is the basis to comprehensively accompany other people in the further development of their life task and the expansion of their possibilities. The Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis® is one of the prerequisites to become a trainer in Logosynthesis® and to give seminars to professionals.

Für den Master Practitioner in Logosynthese® suchen Sie einen Mentor, der Sie auf diesem Weg für mind. 2 Jahre begleitet. Sie vereinbaren mittels eines Vertrags die Ziele dieser Logosynthese Ausbildung. Sie nehmen an den Master Classes, Master Labs und Supervisionen teil, die wesentlicher Bestandteil des MPL-Curriculums sind. Die Weiterbildung zum/zur Master Practitioner umfasst die folgenden Elemente:

  • Introductory seminar The Path of Presence
  • The unattended seminar of the Practitioner Training(Path of Courage, Path of the Will, Path of Trust)
  • At least 3 Master Classes
  • Conclusion of a minimum 2-year contract with a mentor who accompanies the candidate until certification. Accredited mentors can be found here.
  • Participation in a practice group with 4-6 sessions per year
  • Written location assessment
  • Collegial discussion between the MPL candidate and a group of experts.


The diagram illustrates the training process for MPL candidates. A detailed description of the training elements can be found in the certification regulations. Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions: contact@logosynthesis.international