About Logosynthesis International Association

Logosynthesis International Association (LIA) was founded in March 2014. LIA serves to support: further development of knowledge; raising awareness; quality assurance; and gaining acceptance and recognition for Logosynthesis. The Association certifies Practitioners, Instructors, Master Practitioners and Trainers, thereby ensuring the quality of the practice of Logosynthesis.

  • The statutes Logosynthesis International Association (LIA) can be found here.
  • The strategic orientation of the LIA can be found on the home page.
  • You can find the presentation flyer with all information about the LIA here.
  • You can find the contact details about the Board  here.
  • You can reach our office via email or the Contact Page.

There is a clear separation between the training and certification of professionals in Logosynthesis:

Who does what in Logosynthesis?

Logosynthesis International Association (LIA)

– Developing, reviewing and maintaining standards for professionals: Practitioners, Instructors, Master Practitioners, Trainers and Master Trainers
– Examination of candidates at different levels

Quality assurance
• Ethics guidelines

• Strategy development
• Support for projects

• International networking and awareness for Logosynthesis
• Symposia and congresses

• Profile and mission of the Association
• Certification criteria
• List of professionals
• Seminar calendar
•Publications about Logosynthesis
• Blog

Logosynthesis® trademark
• Administration of the trademark
• Transfer of licenses in agreement with owner

Institutes and Trainers
for Logosynthesis®

Further education
• Logosynthesis Basic Seminars
• Seminars in the LIA Curriculum for Practitioner and Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis
• Supervision
• Working conferences and online programsmme

Further development
• Models and methods of Logosynthesis
• Development and updating of seminars

• Designing projects in line with the LIA Research Strategy

• Institute profile
• Offers in the field of Logosynthesis

Logosynthesis® trademark
• Brand licensee
•Licensee of the seminars

Dr. Willem Lammers
The Origin of Logosynthesis®

Continuing Education
• Master Classes
• Master Labs
• Trainer Training

Further development
• Models and methods of Logosynthesis
• Development and updating of seminars

Further information
• Publications by Willem Lammers
• Training offers: Master Classes

Logosynthesis® Brand
• Owner of the brand
Owner of the concepts and seminars.