What do you gain from Logosynthesis?

Logosynthesis® as a path to healing and development

Here you will find a list of trained professionals in coaching, psychological counseling and psychotherapy. These professionals speak your language, are close to you or can be reached via Zoom.
A Practitioner in Logosynthesis supports you to regain your life energy and activate your Free Self whenever your life energy is blocked by stressful memories, frightening ideas or limiting beliefs.

Attend a self-coaching seminar! You can find a description of the seminar content under Learning. You can find the calendar for open seminars here. You can also read the book Selfcoaching with Logosynthesis by Dr. Willem Lammers. This book will help you with the self-application of Logosynthesis.

Take part in the introductory seminar Logosynthesis Basic. You will also find a solid basis in the book Logosynthesis - Healing with Words: Practice Book for Counseling, Coaching and Psychotherapy by Dr. Willem Lammers. If the topic grabs you and you want to integrate Logosynthesis into your method repertoire, attend the advanced training to become a Practitioner or Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis. You can find more information here.