The Association

Logosynthesis International Association (LIA) was founded in March 2014. It serves the further development of knowledge, the spreading, the quality assurance and the promotion of the acceptance of Logosynthesis. The Association certifies Practitioners, Instructors, Master Practitioners and Trainers and ensures the quality of the practice of Logosynthesis.
  • The statutes Logosynthesis International Association (LIA) can be found here.
  • The strategic orientation of the LIA can be found on the home page.
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There is a clear separation between the training and certification of professionals in Logosynthesis®:

Who does what in Logosynthesis?

Logosynthesis International Association (LIA)

- Developing, reviewing and maintaining standards for professionals: Practitioners, Instructors, Master Practitioners, Trainers and Master Trainers
- Examination of candidates at different levels

Quality assurance
- Ethics guidelines

- Strategy development
- Support for projects

- International networking and spreading of Logosynthesis
- Symposia and congresses
- Profile and mission of the Association

- Certification criteria
- List of professionals
- Seminar calendar
- Publications about Logosynthesis
- Blog

Logosynthesis® trademark
Administration of the trademark
- Transfer of licences in agreement with owner

Institutes and Trainers
for Logosynthesis®

Further education
- Logosynthesis Basic Seminars
- Seminars in the LIA Curriculum for Practitioner and Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis
- Supervision
- Working conferences and online programmes

Further development
- Models and methods of Logosynthesis
- Development and updating of seminars

- Designing projects in line with the LIA Research Strategy

- Institute profile
- Offers in the field of Logosynthesis

Logosynthesis® trademark
- Brand licensee

- Licensee of the seminars

Dr. Willem Lammers
The Origin of Logosynthesis®

Continuing Education
- Master Classes
- Master Labs
- Trainer Training

Further development
- Models and methods of Logosynthesis
- Development and updating of seminars
- Further information
- Publications Willem Lammers
- Training offer Master Classes

Logosynthesis® Brand
- Owner of the brand
Owner of the concepts and seminars